Released: Sep 10, 2020


Major Improvements

The concept of Circles

Build your own circle around one required Pathology and Treatment and share the data with your Circle members and your patients.

Multilingual support

Select the preferred interface language for your more comfortable use of our app. At the moment our list of supported languages includes English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, and Russian.

Treatment and pathology reports for patients

Now patients have the ability to see the Treatment and Pathology details (on their personal patient portal) which allow users to understand the general state of their health.

Client notifications by email

System sends the email notifications to the Patient when there is Due survey to be completed and the Reminder email after the due date is passed. Both dates can be customized per survey for each customer’s request

Smooth registration process

Confirm Password functionality helps customers to smoothly finish the registration on inCytes platform.


Additional Improvements

  • Improved Search mechanisms to speed up circle/patient/case creation processes
  • Color coding for the graphs was added so that the user can easily distinguish the data
  • Report Builder was improved
  • Security mechanisms improved
  • Various bug, styling and performance improvements