Released: Dec 20, 2020


Major Improvements

A picture of (your) knee (hip/shoulder, etc.) is worth a thousand words

Sometimes images are much better at communicating value than dozens of words. So we are happy to announce our new feature: clinicians and patients can now upload PDF files and images into the survey so that the clinician can use the files for future reference and analysis.

Make interactions with your patients even more effective (with the newly presented feature: Clinician’s access to Patient report)

Now clinicians have the ability to see their Patient’s report from the clinician’s portal. Want to discuss the progress or treatment with your patient? Easy. One click from the Case Detail screen – and you’ll be brought to their report.

3rd parties access for more efficient collaboration

Invite a Service provider to your team and share the burden of completing the case with them. If you deal with laboratories or any other third party service providers, you’ll definitely like this feature: the provider will have limited access to inCytes™ but with the ability to complete the task assigned to them.

(This is a perfect example of Team/Circle care, in which privacy is important, but also a system that allows all parties to be sure that they are working on the right case).


Additional Improvements

  • Improved search mechanisms
  • Browser support improvements
  • Mobile friendly clinician portal
  • Report Builder improved