Circle Academies For Clinicians

All the power of modern social media channels, but with the security, focus and collegiality of medical conference break-out sessions.


  • Present, discuss, teach and learn. Easily find clinical, scientific and professional topics of interest. Moderated "Spaces" open only to credentialed clinicians. Product-agnostic. Free.
  • Private chats, livestream events, multimedia content. Content based on real-world evidence generated by your peers from their everyday practices.
  • Each Space dedicated to a specific indication and/or clinical protocol. Create your own  Space, or join others. Set access permissions for each Space.
  • Access Industry Spaces for product information, training, investigator fees, 
    honoraria, product discounts, other opportunities.
  • RegenMed support: Multimedia content. Multi-channel distribution. Practice website pages. 
    Engagement with industry. Technical.


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