Released: May 6, 2021


Major Improvements

Patient Portal is now Benchmarc™

The inCytes™ patient experience has been elevated under a brand new application Benchmarc™. It is automatically included within your existing inCytes™ license, and your patients, without any further action, will be able to experience the new design and features the next time they log in.

Learn more about Benchmarc™.

Patient Before/After Images on Benchmarc™

Patients can now upload, review, compare and export any case images from their personalized Benchmarc™ account.

Flexible Personally Identifiable Information “PII” Storage

Users can now designate any custom question within a survey as PII, which will send all responses to our AWS Cognito servers, where it is separated, pseudonymized, and stored on an encrypted server.  

Patients Participation in Multiple Cases

Patients can now be enrolled in more than one case simultaneously,  whereby they can easily participate in and review progress against multiple treatments and/or indications.


Additional Improvements

  • Additional Branding Options for Subscribers and Their Teams.
  • More Flexible Toggling for which scores are displayed for patients within Benchmarc™
  • New Patient Friendly Observational Protocol Alias Option
  • Improved Score Layouts within Benchmarc™