Getting Started: Circle Academies

Circle Academies are where clinicians and medical scientists come to exchange learnings, ask questions, report observations and otherwise collaborate with each other in a secure, members-only and curated environment. The Academies, which are free to credentialed Members, offer all of the power of modern social media -- private chats, multi-media presentations, livestreams, threaded comments – without the limitations of YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and other large non-moderated platforms.

RegenMed also hosts a free “public” Circle Academy dedicated to real-world evidence. It can be found here. Although this Academy is available to anyone to read, RegenMed does moderate all content there to help ensure topic relevance and appropriate author credentials. Many authors who post in a Members Only Academy will also post in the public RWE Academy, at least in an edited form. Therefore, a good way for a practitioner to decide whether she would like to join a Members Only Academy is to peruse this public RWE Circle Academy.

In addition, this article and the FAQ section on the public RWE Academy provides detailed information on how Academies work, and the multiple benefits available to Members.

As always, please contact us in the event of any questions.