Released: Jun 18, 2021


Major Improvements

New Benchmarc™ Homepage

Benchmarc Dashboard

Physician-branded messages help welcome patients, alert them to new surveys and results, and keep them engaged throughout their recovery.

Learn more about Benchmarc™.

Forecasting Upcoming Scores and Images

Patients can now see their past, current and upcoming images and/or assessments. This provides a preview of their recovery journey, and reinforces the importance and value of obtaining future results to compare against the past.

Printing Records

Patients can now export all pages of their Benchmarc™ account into printable PDFs.


Additional Improvements

  • Universal date display of MMM DD YYYY (Feb 01 2021), localized into all inCytes™ supported  languages.
  • Patients can now access and download their signed consent forms.
  • Various bug, styling and performance improvements.