Choosing and Setting Up the Right Account(s)

inCytes™ offers a lot of options for creating and connecting accounts. This article covers those options, their particular accesses, and steps for how to proceed with each. If you are interested in inviting patients, please refer to our Case Creation Article.


Investigators are primary account holders, who hold the unique ability to join/create Circles and if desired, manage their own Patient and Case lists. Investigators can be practitioners, clinics, Sponsors, and anyone else who wants full access to inCytes™ functionality.

Set Up an Investigator Account

Team Members

Investigators who want help with their day-to-day inCytes™ activities should invite one or more Team Members. Team Members have full read/write access to their Investigator’s account, including their sensitive Case and Patient lists. All Team Member activities are performed under the brand, control and ownership of the parental Investigator. Team Members are ideal for trusted nurses, office staff, and/or close groups of clinicians. A team member can only belong to one Investigator.

How to Invite a Team Member

Circle Members

Circle Members are Investigators who elect to share their Case data, but not their actual Cases/patients, with other Circle Members. Circle Member access is ideal for independent Investigators participating in a study, registry, trial or other multi-center initiative.

How to Invite Circle Members

Service Providers

Service Providers are third parties who have limited read/write access to certain parts of an Investigator’s  Protocol. Service Providers can be laboratories, call centers, or scribes, and their permissions can be restricted to certain tasks, such as outcomes follow up or a laboratory task. Service providers can perform tasks for many Investigators.

How to Set Up a Service Provider