Released: Oct 28, 2021


Major Improvements

Patient Monitoring and Compliance

Patient reported outcomes and other patient-related tasks can now be easily monitored from the Task list. Users can sort by due or overdue, whereby they can prioritize emailing, calling or otherwise ensuring high patient compliance. Users can also sort their Tasks by completed, and to confirm and better visualize all patient data successfully being submitted.

Task List Improvements

Tasks for all Users and their delegates have been enhanced to become more searchable, easier to filter and with more sorting options. It has never been easier or more efficient to make sure data entry is timely and efficient for User’s teams.


Additional Improvements

Improving Equity

Equitable access to our platform is important to RegenMed. With that, we have added high–contrast mode to inCytes™ to allow persons with limited vision access to the platform.

Promoting Your Circle

Circle Members can now include hyperlinks in their Circle description, drawing referral traffic to any website.