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Patient Recruiting and Continued Engagement

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  • The Importance Of First Impressions
  • Creating A Powrful First Impression
  • Sustaining Patient Engagement
  • Delivering On The Promises


  • The Key: Developing and Publishing “Real-World Evidence”

  • Turnkey, Burden Free and Low Cost


The modern patient, in her everyday life, has become accustomed to high-quality user-experiences in all her dealings as a consumer. These experiences influence her healthcare delivery expectations, leading her to look for and evaluate:

  • Multiple providers.
  • Professional credentials, reviews and other forms of patient testimonials.
  • Value for price.
  • Access to reliable and useful information.
  • Interactions personalized to her patient history, perceived condition and ultimate clinical intervention, continuing post-clinically.
  • An efficient, predictable and welcoming clinical experience.

Many clinical settings – even large hospital groups – fail to meet these expectations due to various financial, technological and personnel issues. These are no longer acceptable excuses, however, since comparable consumer expectations are regularly met by other heavily regulated and operationally-complex verticals – for example financial services.  


The Importance Of First Impressions

It is the rare provider who does not have its own website. It is the rare patient who does visit that site to evaluate practitioner credentials, testimonials, procedure descriptions, pricing, and other elements. The patient is also evaluating alternative providers and procedures not only through competing providers’ sites, but through the myriad other sources easily accessible to him.

A provider’s website is therefore its all-important “first impression”. Frequently, however, those online experiences are deficient, especially when compared with the those in other aspects of a potential patient’s life.

Creating A Powerful First Impression

At the minimum, a provider’s website should clearly convey at least five fundamental elements:

  • Professional credentials of the treating clinician specifically relevant to a potential patient’s indication or complaint.
  • A description of the proposed clinical intervention for that indication
  • An overview of the evidence supporting positive long-term outcomes for 
    that intervention.
  • Testimonials from other patients with similar indications.
  • A description of the approach to monitoring of patient progress.

These five elements give the practitioner the best chance of a consultation or at least inquiry from an educated and qualified patient.

Ideally, the provider’s site goes well beyond the foregoing five elements – for example, providing efficient initial patient history entry, well-produced educational materials, multi-media assets featuring specific clinicians, etc. Best practices for early prospective patient engagement also include professional use of social media platforms.

Sustaining Patient Engagement

For the patient, there is always a “patient journey”. That journey begins with symptoms, and continues through discussions with friends and families, Internet research, consultations with one or more clinicians, one or more procedures, and ideally recovery. (For many patients, unfortunately, the journey continues with revisions and other subsequent procedures.)

Best clinical practice is of course to take the time to understand the patient’s history, in her own words, monitor long-term outcomes and continually improve evidence-based standards of care. However, workload, financial and other realities of contemporary medical practice usually prevent even the best-intentioned clinicians from doing so.

Given the realities of today’s healthcare delivery, the treating physician typically accompanies her patients on only a small part of their journeys. This fundamental “disconnect” not only leads to deep dissatisfaction by both the patient and the clinician, but it is also often a cause of sub-optimal care.


The Key: Developing and Publishing “Real-World Evidence”

Within the busy clinical practice of every provider lies the foundation of value-added patient recruitment and long-term engagement – real-world evidence. Such RWE is not only the language which regulators and payers speak, but also the language patients speak. By using modern and clinically-efficient platforms to harness this real-world evidence, a provider is able to:

  • educate, recruit and retain patients;
  • collect from, and report back to, patients germane pre-, peri- and post-clinical information;
  • establish clinically-useful correlations from aggregated real-world datasets;
  • support reimbursement, as well as legal/regulatory compliance;
  • develop and publish compelling, fresh and evidence-based multi-media materials for website, conference, social media or other publication;
  • enhance its professional reputation with patients, as well as among healthcare peers.

Turnkey, Burden Free and Low Cost

Through its clinical-grade inCytes™ and Benchmarc™ platforms, RegenMed helps large and smaller provider around the world develop and generate value from real-world evidence.

In the context of patient recruitment and long-term engagement, RegenMed also works with providers to:

  • Include “digital front doors” within their websites for secure patient enrollment, comprising not only demographic data, but also clinical benchmark information tailored to the selected indication and proposed intervention.
  • Integrate as needed with calendaring or other practice management software.
  • Provide the patient with high quality and evidence-based digital and in-office education materials customized for specific indications and procedures.
  • Ensure long-term compliance with clinical recommendations, as well as outcomes reporting.
  • Monitor post-clinical adverse events.
  • Create videos and other multimedia presentations featuring the practitioner and/or her patients in the context of evidence-based outcomes and other best clinical practices.
  • Publish that content on the provider’s website, social media channels and other platforms.

RegenMed recognizes the financial and practice realities of today’s busy clinician. It provides its products and services in a turnkey, efficient and burden-free manner. Contact us today to find out more.

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