Product/Service Charges and Payment Terms

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The standard pricing for RegenMed Products and Services is provided below. Standard Definitions are deemed incorporated herein. Final pricing, terms and conditions are as specified in a binding Master Services Agreement or Payment Authorization.







Subscriptions allow users to access Circles. Subscribers include Investigators, Team Members and Service Providers.  

$35 per Month 


A Case is a single subject, assigned to one or more Circles, against which data is collected.  

$5 each 


A Circle is a private data registry, including a custom study protocol and one or more Subscribers. Price dependent upon use of Circle Request form. Additional requests subject to Advanced or Clinical/Scientific Service and Support Hours.  

$500 each*  

*First Circle for Corporate Clients starts at $3500  



Standard Service and Support 

  • Two Circle Revisions 
  • Two Training Calls 
  • 24/7 Ticket-based Service and Support 

Free with each Circle 

Advanced Service and Support 

For all service and support outside of the Standard Service and Support Package. Full list of services includes, but is not limited to:

    • Additional Circle requests, revisions, trainings.  
    • Dedicated Account Management time or calls 
    • Social Media Posts 
    • Circle Interviews 
    • Investigator-Initiated Study Proposals 
    • Custom Circle Activity Preparation 
    • Circle Hour Hosting and Moderation 
    • Circle Academy Support 
    • API Integrations 
    • Data Migration /Clean Up 

$75 per Hour 

Clinical/Scientific Service and Support 

Any service and support involving RegenMed clinical or scientific expertise. List of services include, but are not limited to: 

    • Report Preparation  
    • Advanced Circle Design Support 
    • Statistical Analyses 

$150 per Hour 

Circle SMS 

Optional service for SMS patient follow-up reminders. 

Pricing dependent by country. See here.  

Third-Party Instruments

The Client shall be responsible for license fees or any other charges from third parties relating to validated instruments, questionnaires or similar scores used by the Client in the context of any Circles.

Pricing dependent on third-party license fee or other charge.


Payment Terms


Currency All payments in United States dollars, unless otherwise agreed.
Taxes All VAT, sales and other taxes for the account of Client/Funder.
Bank Fees All wire charges, currency conversion and other bank fees payable 50% by RegenMed and 50% by Client/Funder.
Pre-Authorization All Circle Charges to be paid through an authorized credit or debit card, or automatic bank debit authorization.
Billing Cycle The Company collects all Circle Charges accrued through the end of each calendar month within the first ten days of the following month, except for Subscription Month charges which are payable monthly in advance.
Cancellation Client may cancel one or more inCytes™ Licenses or other non-prepaid items incurring Circle Charges any time upon thirty days’ written notice. All Circle Charges up to the expiration of such thirty-day notice period remain payable.
Corporate Accounts Larger corporate accounts, with the agreement of the Company, may pay initial Circle Charges fifty percent (50%) upon execution of the Master Services Agreement, and fifty percent (50%) within sixty days of such execution. All subsequent Circle Charges are payable through pre-authorized debits.
Bank Transfers

Any payments made to the Company through bank transfers shall be made as follows, in all cases including the name of the Client (Funder) and the date of this Agreement:

  • If to Regenerative Medicine LLC from within the United States:
    ABA no.: 052-001-633.   Account No.: 4460-0968-8951.  Account Name:  Regenerative Medicine LLC.
  • If to Regenerative Medicine LLC from outside of the United States:
    Swift Code:  BOFAUS3N. ABA Routing # 026009593.  Bank of America, N.A., 100 West 33rd Street New York, NY, U.S.A.  Account Name:  Regenerative Medicine LLC, Account Number 4460 0968 8951.
  • If to Regen Med Europe SLU:
    Banco Sabadell.  IBAN: ES76 0081 0202 1600 0177 9478 / BSAB ESBB.  Account name: Regen Med Europe S.L.