Standard Legal Definitions

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The following definitions apply to various RegenMed legal documents and are deemed incorporated therein. They supersede for legal purposes any other definition of such terms. Additional definitions may be found in the KnowledgeBase Glossary.

Aggregated Data Datasets derived from Circles which do not include or reflect Personal Data.
Aggregated Data Ownership Agreement A written agreement among one or more of (i) a Funder, (ii) Investigators and (iii) the Company specifying the rights and responsibilities of the parties with respect to the ownership and use of Aggregated Data.
Authorized Amendment A document executed by the Company and a Client amending a Master Services Agreement or Statement of Work.
Authorized Personal Data Recipient An individual or entity authorized through a Consent to maintain or review, solely for the purposes specified in such Consent, the Personal Data of a consenting Data Subject.
Authorized Representative The person(s) identified in a Master Services Agreement as authorized to agree to Authorized Amendments.
Circle The combination of an Observational Protocol, Aggregated Data collected against that Observational Protocol, Circle Members and other users with authorized access to the Circle, and branding and other customized elements of the Circle. 
Client A Person responsible for payment of Products and Services Charges.
Company  Regenerative Medicine LLC, a limited liability company formed and operating under the laws of the State of Delaware, U.S.A., and/or Regen Med Europe SLU, a limited liability company formed and operating under the laws of Spain, with its registered office at C/ Muntaner, 200, Primera Planta 08036 Barcelona, España.
Company Data Privacy Officer Nicolas R. Tierney,
Company Websites All websites which the Company shall own and operate from time to time.
Consent A written communication in which a Data Subject has explicitly consented to send, receive and/or maintain Personal Data through or in connection with the inCytes™ Platform or Company Websites.
Data Controller The meaning attributed to it in GDPR Article IV.
Data Processor The meaning attributed to it in GDPR Article IV.
Data Sub-Processor The meaning attributed to it in paragraphs 2 and 4 of Article 28 of the GDPR.
Data Subject The meaning attributed to it in GDPR Article IV.
GDPR The European General Data Protection Regulation.
HIPAA The U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Privacy Act of 1996
inCytes™ Platform The U.S. patent pending platform and associated functionality described here.
Investigator A healthcare professional or scientist with principal or ancillary responsibility for the design, execution and/or analysis of a Study.
Log-In Credentials An e-mail address, password and if applicable, verification code and other forms of identification specific to each Licensee.
Payment Terms The terms pursuant to which a Client is liable for payment of Products and Services Charges. Payment Terms can be found here.
Person An individual, organization, society or legal entity.
Personal Data The meaning attributed to it in GDPR Article IV, as well as any data or information specific to an individual which is considered by applicable Privacy Laws and Policies to subject to protection.
Privacy Laws and Policies The GDPR, HIPAA and other rules, regulations, laws, directives, and/or institutional policies governing the collection, dissemination, protection and other use of Personal Data.
Products and Services Any of the Cases, Subscription Months, Licenses, Circles, Circle Elements, clinical/scientific support, technical support, publication and other products and services which the Company may offer or make available from time to time.
Products and Services Charges The amounts payable by a Funder in accordance with the Payment Terms. Products and Services Charges can be found here.
Specified Personal Data Personal Data which an Investigator or other inCytes™ Licensee requests the Company to include as part of a Circle.
 Study The organized collection and analysis of data for the purpose of generating observations and/or establishing correlations in healthcare which are evidence-based. 
 Team Member  A Circle Member who is authorized to use the account of, and create Cases on behalf of, an Investigator.