Benchmarc™ Notifications

Bring more "life" into clinician-patient communication

Benchmarc™ notifications - alerts which fall on the patient's homepage dashboard after the particular trigger (event) and make patients feel like their healthcare provider is reaching out to them. 

The notifications:

  • are customizable
  • sent in the patient's preferred language set on the personal patient portal


Here are our default notifications:


Case Created Welcome to Benchmarc™, the application that helps you and your doctor monitor your recovery. Please regularly check your email and/or phone for reminders to complete surveys and review your progress.
Case Closed Your case has been closed, but you can return to review these results at any time.
Survey Due A new survey is available for you! It should take no longer than 5 minutes to complete. This will ensure that we get the relevant information about your recovery progress.
Survey Overdue You are past due on a survey, which is important to track your progress. Please complete it today, as you will lose access to the survey in a few days.
Survey Completed You have new results on your recovery. Click above for more details
New Image You have a new image available. Please click the button above to review
New Document A New Document has been added. Please click above for more details.
New Score You have a new score available. Please click the button above to see your results.
Consent Signed Access your signed Consent form here.

Please contact your Account Manager to design your Benchmarc notifications.