Can I Enroll the Same Patient into Multiple Circles?

Yes,  you can create multiple cases for one and the same patient for different pathologies and treatments.

You will not be able to enroll a patient which has already been registered in inCytes™ by another investigator.

The patient can switch between their cases on their personal patient portal

Can I Enroll the Same Patient into Multiple Circles 1

How to Accommodate Patients Receiving Multiple Treatments?

Method 1: Pick one indication and just focus on this one


keeping it simple for your patients

you get the data the way you want, at least for one treatment


- you don't get all of the potential data possible from patients (in comparison, if there were multiple cases: one case=one pathology /treatment)

Method 2: Enrolling a patient into multiple Circles


you (potentially) get all of the data around each treatment that the patients have


- you might have issues with patients' compliance. They may not want to complete multiple surveys for multiple joints (indications)

Method 3: A Compromise

Pick the indications of what you'd like to capture altogether in one observational protocol. Your Account Manager can help you design the protocol to make it structured and comprehensive of all requested indications, if possible.