Building Cohorts

You can have no more than 4 cohorts

  1. Adding a Сohort
  2. Removing a Сohort
  3. Switching Off a Cohort 

Once the Report Template has been created, you'll see two default cohort filters on the right. The first one – My Patients - (marked with a blue eye) displays only your patients' data, while All Circle Patients (marked with a black eye) displays the data of all the cases created within your Circle, i.e., your patients + the patients of all your Circle members. But all the Cohorts are totally customizable, and you can select any option for any Cohort filter to display. 

My Patients_All Circle Patients

To start working with cohorts, click Settings at the top right of the Report Builder 

Graph Settings button

Adding a Cohort 


1. Click ADD COHORT at the bottom of Graph Settings and the newly added cohort will open immediately

Add cohort

2. Now you can configure the cohort according to your preferences 


Removing a Cohort 


1. Open Settings on the Report Builder page 

Graph Settings button


2. Click   next to the cohort you want to delete

Remove cohort


3. Confirm deletion by pressing REMOVE 

  • Press CANCEL to cancel the deletion

Remove Cohort_confirm


Switching Off a Cohort 


You can switch off the cohort line on the graph without deleting it. 

To do so, click on near the required cohort and it will disappear from the graph. 


Switch off the cohort

To switch on the cohort, go to the Graph settings and click     next to the switched off cohort.