Patient Consent

We currently offer a universal inCytes™ License Agreement form for all the users of our app. However, inCytes™ offers customizable Patient Consent for Circle Founders which allows additional documentation to be uploaded to the system in any language

License Agreement

During the registration process, the License Agreement is presented to both the Investigator and Patient. It must be accepted by any such User prior to accessing the inCytes™ platform.  This document and its acceptance are then time-stamped and stored, without access by Company personnel.Consent 1

Informed Patient Consent

Consent language is typically provided by the Funder or Investigator. The patients are suggested to review and sign the consent document during their log in process.  Similar to the License Agreement, we track, time-stamp and record the saved Consent, its acceptance, and the claimed identity of the accepting User, without access by Company personnel. 

If the Consent was changed by the Circle, the patients will be suggested to review and sign the updated document during their log in process. Patients will not be able to access Benchmarc until the consent is signed.

Each version of the accepted Consent will be available for patient’s review from the Homepage on their personal portal. Investigators don't get any notifications once the Consent signed by the patient.

Consent 2

In addition, if a Funder or Investigator desires, the Consent form can be added to or made as a Survey.  It can then be answered by the Patient through marking a checkbox.  It will then be stored in AWS Cognito where any changes are logged and stored in AWS CloudTrail.

Consent 3

Please contact your Account Manager to learn more.