Getting Started: For Larger Provider Groups

RegenMed partners with clinics, hospital departments and other provider structures to advance their clinical and commercial goals through real-world evidence. Those goals typically involve one or more of industry support; reimbursement; value-added medicine; strengthening existing and developing new standards of care; patient marketing, education and compliance; product incubation; medical education/training; and legal/regulatory compliance.

The steps involved in designing Circles which will deliver near- and long-term return on investment comprise:

  1. A discussion among RegenMed and the relevant provider stakeholders (owners, medical affairs, business development, IT for example.) Discovery during that call will focus on:
    1. Principal clinical and/or business objectives of the Client.
    2. Existing pertinent resources (domain thought-leaders, registries, marketing and study publication programs)
    3. Relevant clinical/scientific differentiators (laboratories, research grants, etc.)
    4. Existing industry relationships, and product usage.
    5. Areas for early proof of concept.
  2. The joint design of one or two Circles, taking advantage of:
    1. Existing case load (real-world evidence), and in-house influential or potentially influential investigators.
    2. One or two key clinical data-points of interest in the context of the specific indication and typical treatment protocol.
    3. Appropriate outcomes measures/scoring groups and follow-up periods relevant to those clinical data-points.
    4. A suitable population size and criteria.
    5. Desired select-content publication opportunities: Client and practitioner website(s), social media, Circle Academies, conferences.
    6. Potential industry support.
    7. Agreement on initial key performance indicators.
  3. RegenMed Products and Services are turnkey, and are easily integrated with each other. The Company can handle virtually all functions on behalf of the Client if desired. The goal is clinical efficiency for the client, and a demonstrable, meaningful return on investment.
  4. Since they are based on SaaS platforms, the number and type of Cases, Investigators, Circles, publication frequency and channels, and other parameters can be easily and cost-efficiently scaled.

Contact us today to discuss your specific clinical and/or commercial objectives.