HCP Assisted Registration

Assisted Registration is a way for clinicians to help their patients register for their personal patient portal (Benchmarc™).

How does the process work?

  1. A patient arrives to the clinic (office, practice) with their personal identification documentation (Drivers License, Passport, etc.).
  2. The HCP will enter all of the patients’ personal information into inCytes™. The HCP must ensure that the information being submitted is correct, checking the formal documents and submitting them accordingly. The HCP must also confirm patient consent before submitting the information into inCytes™.
  3. Once the information is submitted, the patient will be registered immediately. The HCP will now be able to upload clinical information about the patient. This information can be found in the patients’ personal portal (Benchmarc™).

    HCP handles personal information consistently with your organization’s privacy policy.

    Please contact your Account Manager for more details.