How RegenMed Can Enroll Your Patients for You

RegenMed is proud to offer the service of enrolling your patients for you in a PHI-secure manner. This process is designed to reduce clinician burden and ensure that all eligible patients are properly enrolled in inCytes™

To begin this process, follow the steps below:

1. Contact your account manager or Nick Tierney. You will be provided and asked to sign a Service Provider Agreement, which will permit RegenMed staff to view your clinic’s provided PHI as necessary to enroll eligible patients within inCytes™.

2. After receiving the signed Service Provider Agreement, RegenMed will send you a secure link to a folder accessible only to the relevant account manager and yourself.

3. You will upload a list of patients for our team to enroll within this secure folder. This list must include, at minimum, each patient’s email address, their treatment location (e.g. knee), and their date of treatment.

We highly recommend sending this list two weeks in advance of any patient’s treatment date to ensure the highest chance of patient survey compliance.

4. After notifying us of this upload, the RegenMed team will enroll your patients within the appropriate Circle and inform you when this process is complete.

5. Seven days after receiving the uploaded file, it will be completely deleted to ensure that PHI is promptly removed.

6. Steps 3-5 repeat indefinitely.

If you have any questions or comments about this process, please reach out to your account manager or Nick Tierney.