How to Read My Report?

After completing each survey, your answers will be converted into easy-to-read scores on a graph, which you can find in the SCORES tab:

How to interpret the graph:

  • The X-axis shows the due dates defined in the Observational Protocol for each phase (Pre-Treatment, Treatment, and Post-Treatment).
  • The Y-axis shows the scores.  
  • The "ABOUT GRAPH" section presents a short description of the survey or Patient Reported Outcome Measure (PROM) to help you better understand the results.

If you would like to learn about your pathology and treatment in detail, click  CASE  at the top of the screen.


To upload, review and compare any case images within your personalized Benchmarc™ account, click IMAGES at the top of the screen.


Any images that were recently added and not viewed will be marked with a "New" tag, making it easy to navigate your albums.


"Upcoming album" in the IMAGES tab is meant for images that are anticipated, but not yet uploaded. This album will become clickable only when images have been uploaded.

For any specific questions regarding your treatment or recovery, please contact your healthcare team.