I Can’t Create a Case. How to Troubleshoot Case Creating Issues

If the app doesn’t allow you to create a case, please review the below checklist to find the possible reason of the error.

Make sure that:

  • Your patient is unique

Unfortunately, having multiple cases created by different investigators for one and the same patient is currently not supported.

The work around is to (1) use a secondary email address for the patient, if any, or (2) register a patient without entering the email.

Read also about What if My Patient Doesn’t Want to Provide Their Email Address?

  • Patient’s PI region is the same as the Circle’s PI region

To ensure strong data protection, it is prohibited to store the patient’s data on a server that differs from the server defined by the Circle.  

Learn how to select PI server for patients’ data

  • “EXISTING PATIENT” mode is utilized

To create an additional case for an existing patient already enrolled to inCytes, use the “EXISTING PATIENT” mode that allows you to find the existing patient by Patient ID, Name or Email Address.

I Can’t Create a Case. How to Troubleshoot 1

If you are still unable to create a case, please contact your Account Manager to resolve the issue.