Inviting/Removing Investigators from Circle

The more investigators in your Circle you have, the more collected and aggregated data you get.

In this article you will learn how to:

To invite a new investigator to the Circle:

  1. Go to Circles and select the required one from the list
  2. Scroll to the bottom and click INVITE+ in the Investigators field
  3. Enter the email of a person you want to invite to your Circle and select the preferred language for the invitee
    1. The invited person will get the invitation email in their preferred language, so the registration path and getting acquainted with the platform will go more smoothly.

  4. Check the box "Fund investigator?" to fund the subscription of the invitee

  • You can’t fund the subscriber who is already being funded. Please contact your Account manager for more details.
  • Circle Funder will be charged for the new user automatically.


5. Select the preferred case funder 

  • Select Circle funder to make your Circle fund the cases for this investigator
  • Select Subscription funder to make the investigator fund their cases on their own 

To make this option available, contact your Account Manager


6. Click SEND INVITATION and the person will immediately get an email invitation to join your Circle

Note: As an alternative, you can invite investigators by giving them a direct link to the Circle you want to share. If you want to get an invitation link to your Circle, please contact your Account Manager.


To remove investigator from Circle:

To remove investigators funded by Circle, you must first stop funding them. Please contact your account manager for more details.

  1. Open the Circles Overview Page
  2. At the bottom of the Circle page, you'll find the list of Investigators.
  3. Click three dots next to the investigator you wish to remove and select Remove from Circle

4. Confirm your action by clicking REMOVE