Monitoring Patient Enrollment Rate

  1. Navigate to Circles and select the required one from the list 

Select Circle

2. In the Circle Analytics field, select Compliance and Adherence → PATIENTS 

3. The graph divided into one-week periods will display. There’re two columns for each period: 

Blue column - My Cases - all patients enrolled into the cases created by you for this Circle

Black column - All Circle Cases - all patients enrolled into the cases created by all the Circle Members (including yourself) for this Circle 


The statistics include only patients with an email and/or mobile phone defined in their contact information and: 

  • joined the platform by invitation/self-enrollment link 
  • enrolled into the active - open or completed  - cases with the case commencement date within the given period. Archived cases are not included. 

You can switch off/on the required column on the graph by clicking the corresponding eye icon on the right of the graph.


4. Hover your mouse over the required column to see the actual and the expected number of enrolled patients.  


Actual - all patients joined the platform for the given period including self-enrolled patients.  

Expected - all the patients who are expected to join the platform for the given period as they have commencement date in this period.


Special Cases 

  •  If a patient with two invitations to two different Circles gets registered to one of them - both cases are marked as enrolled. 
  • A case created for the existing patient is also taken into account for the Patient enrollment rate.