Observational Protocol Revisions

Observational Protocols have the ability to be edited at any time, but are subject to a specific process and considerations of effect upon Cases.

  • Requesting the Revision
    All Observational Protocol revisions must be entered upon the original Observational Protocol Request form, with changes highlighted in Yellow. This counts as 1 revision. Please request this form from your Account Manager.
  • Executing the Revision
    Within 5 business days, and oftentimes sooner, all requested Revisions will be made live to your account, whereby you are encouraged to review the work. If a Revision was described properly in your form, and our team failed to implement, we will make the change immediately.
  • Revision Behavior
    All revisions to Observational Protocols go into immediate effect for newly created Cases, but do not affect existing Cases. Users who wish to transfer old cases onto a new and/or Revised observational protocol are encouraged to contact your Account Manager for Custom Versioning.

Clinical realities may require quick and efficient protocol updates, even long after patients have been enrolled and reporting their outcomes. For this purpose, we offer our customers protocol versioning to seamlessly make changes to their protocols on the go, while storing preserving earlier versions for data integrity and auditing purposes.