Survey Scheduling

Survey scheduling is purposed to automate survey deliveries. This eliminates manual launching of surveys and reminders, which benefits patient compliance.

Due dates, reminder frequencies, and expiration dates are to be defined in the protocol building stage, and your account manager will ensure they are set according to your preferences.  Should you have any questions about these items or wish to alter them, please contact your account manager.

To organize all follow-up surveys properly, each survey in our system contains the following dates:  

  • Due date – the date when a delegate is to complete the survey. A notification will be sent to the delegate’s email, as well as appear on the patient portal dashboard, to remind them that a survey is available.
  • Reminder – a notification that is sent after the survey due date has passed, defined by a pre-set number of days/weeks/months. Up to 5 reminders can be sent for a survey.
  • Expiration date – the set date in which a survey can no longer be completed.

Survey Scheduling and Behavior 1All scheduling will be conducted based on the delegates time zone.