Updating Report

We have two modes in the report builder: 

  • Dynamic Update, preserving your report settings and cohort filters, but allowing live data to feed in from Circle Members and their Cases. 
  • Data Freeze, intended to preserve your report settings, cohort filters and data in a single point of time 


To set the required data update mode: 

1. Go to the Reports and select the required one from the list 
2. Click EDIT at the top right of the report 

Edit report button


3. Go to the Report Settings 

Graph Settings button

4. Click chrome_9Jkovo9H4a in the Data Update field 

5. Select the required data update mode: 
  • Dynamic Update - if you want your report to update automatically 
  • Freeze the data for the date - set the required date on which the report will stop pulling data from the cases 

6. Click SAVE  


In Data Freeze mode the data is pulled from the surveys where the completion date is less than or equal to the freeze date selected. The survey completion date and time is considered in UTC.

Eg., two patients has March,1 as a survey due date. Patient 1 completed the survey on March,1 and Patient 2 completed the survey on March,2. When you set March,1 as the data freeze date, only the data of Patient 1 will get into the report.