What Is Benchmarc™?

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Benchmarc™ is an app which allows patients easily to:

  • input data measuring the initial level of discomfort or other symptoms leading to their clinical visit;
  • receive from their doctor educational materials customized for their specific condition, proposed clinical procedure or other intervention;
  • receive from their doctor a description of expected medium- and long- term outcomes;
  • input data measuring their progress for a year or more after their clinical intervention;
  • immediately see their progress against their original “benchmark” data, as well as against other patient cohorts with similar conditions;
  • receive alerts and related information from their doctor when outcomes measurements suggest a consultation.

Many electronic medical record platforms send patients information which is difficult to understand, and does not relate to their symptoms. Moreover, those platforms rarely seek to collect post-clinical information from the patient in a standardized manner, let alone allow the patient easily to track his/her progress against his own original symptoms, as well as against progress seen by similar patients at a similar stage on their recovery path.

Benchmarc™ provides an ongoing two-way channel between the patient and his/her doctor throughout the clinical journey. It delivers an excellent and customized user experience, together with actionable and patent-specific data even two years or more after the original clinical procedure.

The user experience and functionality of Benchmarc™ are constantly being improved for the benefit of patients as well as their physicians. Please provide any comments to us at incytes@rgnmed.com



Benchmarc™ can be accessed from any desktop computer, and is available for smart phones from the Apple App Store and Google Play store. The app is free to all patients of doctors utilizing the inCytes™ platform.

All data sent though Benchmarc™ is encrypted, maintained on secure servers and otherwise protected by patient and personal privacy laws. (For example, HIPAA in the United States, GDPR in the European Union and similar laws in other countries.) More details can be found in the Privacy Policy.



Using Benchmarc™ is straightforward and engaging:


  • You will receive an invitation from your doctor to register yourself on Benchmarc™. Your registration can be done online through a desktop computer, or by downloading the Benchmarc™ app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. In many cases, your doctor will make a QR code available, which you can scan on your smartphone, taking directly you to the  registration page. 
  • Upon registration, you will immediately see information relating to your practitioner, and certain information relating to your case. Your doctor may also include certain educational material, which you can read and/or download. 



Completing Your First Survey

  •  In most cases, you will be prompted to answer an initial survey, which will represent the personalized benchmark data against which your progress will be measured on a long-term basis after your procedure. Please fill in this survey within the Benchmarc™ app and click “Save” once you are satisfied with your answers.
  • Once you save your answers to your initial survey (and indeed to any survey thereafter), you will immediately see your results presented in graph form on Benchmarc™. In many cases, your doctor will also provide you on that graph an indication of your expected improved outcomes over time.



Images and Scans


In many cases, your doctor may use photographs, ultrasound images, X-ray or other scans to measure your progress. Benchmarc™ will display these images in albums indicated by dates. Each album may contain multiple images. Often, your doctor will provide notations alongside those images which you will want to read. 






Your Clinical Procedure

Your initial benchmark and follow-up surveys are designed by your doctor to conform to your specific condition, symptoms and the corresponding treatment path she has developed for you. Your doctor will provide you on Benchmarc™ with ongoing educational and other materials which you will find helpful to understand the scientific basis of your condition, and the treatment prescribed by your doctor, as well as the nature and timing of improvement.




Completing Follow-Up Surveys

  •  On a regular basis – for example, 1, 3, 6 and 12 months after your procedure, you will receive SMS and/or e- mail reminders to complete follow-up surveys reflecting your then current conditions. 
  •  Again, once you complete these surveys, you will immediately see on Benchmarc™ your progress up to that point in time. Again, your doctor may also provide you one or more patient cohorts – for example, from her practice, or nationally – against which to compare your outcomes.
  •  In the event that your outcomes are not what your doctor would like to see, she may contact you to discuss. Of course, you are always free to schedule an appointment with your doctor as well.


Multiple Cases

  • Of course, many patients are simultaneously on different treatment paths for multiple procedures, sometimes with the same doctor, sometimes with different doctors. Benchmarc™ accommodates these situations. In the upper right hand corner of your Benchmarc™ screen, click on “Cases”, which will bring you to a list of all the treatments for which your doctor is following your outcomes. 
  •  Be sure to click on the correct Case when you are reminded to complete a survey. Your reminder will specify the correct Case to select when you have multiple Benchmarc™ Cases.


Additional Information

Please review Account Set Up in our KnowledgeBase for more text-based information as well as video tutorials.