What Steps Do You Take to Protect Personal Data?

The inCytes™ Platform uses a number of approaches to protect Personal Data.  Each Registered User has a unique set of log-in credentials. (As indicated above, the ability of an HCP or other individual to register for and utilize the inCytes™ Platform is dictated by the applicable MIDPP.) Moreover, log-in credentials may include biometric parameters, such as facial or fingerprint identification. In addition, if required by the MIDPP, dual-factor verification of the Registered User may also be implemented.

Personal Data, immediately upon their collection on Benchmarc™, are converted into randomized alpha-numerical “tags”. Those tags are then encrypted before being sent to a Server which maintains de-identified data. The inCytes™ Platform includes a separate server which decrypts and “translates” randomized alpha-numerical “tags” so that the HCP and any other party authorized by the applicable MIDPP, but no other party, can access the Personal Data.