Where Can I Find Circle Statistics?

Using Circle statistics can help circle team members understand user activity within a circle. This helps team members make well-informed involving circle management.

You can find your Circle statistics right from your inCytes™ dashboard:

  1. Click Circles at the left navigation and select the required circle
  2. Scroll down the page and you will find Circle Statistics as a separate field.

Your circle statistics are presented as follows:

Where Can I Find Circle Statistics 1

Current Activity:  

  • Subscribers - the total number of circle subscribers
  • Cases Shared - the total number of cases that are shared within this circle


The total number of cases and subscriptions that are allocated to the circle.


  • Sponsored members - the total number of members currently sponsored in the circle.
  • Cases created - the total number of cases created (within a circle.)

Other Information:  

The founding date of the Circle.