Where Do You Document Your Policies Regarding Personal Data?

We maintain and regularly update our License Agreement for use of the inCytes™ Platform, Privacy Policy and these FAQ’s. They are easily accessible to Users and non-Users of inCytes™. In addition, each User of the inCytes Platform specifically agrees as a condition of such use that he or she will never under any circumstances provide any Personal Data to Regen Med or any of its employees, officers or agents. Also, each individual who provides Personal Data to such User, specifically consents to the collection, storage and use of his or her Personal Data for the purposes specified in such consent document.

In addition, Regen Med maintains and regularly updates corporate policies which (i) require any employee immediately to notify management of any instance in which they accidentally have access, or might have access, to Personal Data, (ii) provide for the notification to the individual (and if applicable his or her treating HCP) of such accidental access, and (iii) provide for the elimination of the elements which gave rise to the potential for such Access to Personal Data.