For Patients: Benchmarc™

Like many other healthcare practitioners around the world, your doctor has selected the inCytes™ platform to measure your healthcare progress. That progress will be charted on a regular basis against the outcomes you and your doctor have agreed make sense for your specific indication, and corresponding treatment protocol. 

The patient-facing module of inCytes™ is called Benchmarc™, and it is where you will enter the clinical data initially relevant to your condition, and the changes in those measurements over time. 

Once your doctor has invited you to do so, you can register on Benchmarc™ from your desktop computer, or your Apple or Android smartphone.   Simply click on the link provided in that invitation, and follow the instructions provided there.   You will be up and running in less than a minute.

Please see this Benchmarc™ article for more details on its robust functionality, and how to get the most of it during your entire patient journey.