Registration via Email

As soon as your clinician creates a case or adds you to the system, you'll get an email invitation to access your Personal Patient Portal, where you can complete your first survey from any mobile, tablet, or desktop device.





To register on your personal patient portal (Benchmarc™):  

1. Find the email from Benchmarc <> in your mailbox.  

Don't forget to check your Junk Mail or Spam

2. Open the email and click ENROLL TODAY . A new window will open to commence the registration process  



1. Verify your email address is correct  
2. Create a password that contains 8 characters: an Uppercase, a Lowercase, and at least one number: e.g., Aa123456  

3. Click NEXT  

You can click the eye icon next to the password field to reveal the characters of your password to ensure that you enter it correctly.



Make  sure to fill in all the required fields marked with an asterisk (*)

1. Complete all the requested information:  

  • Your name, middle name (optional), and surname
  • Date of birth: type in the date manually or click the calendar to select the required date
  • Country: the country is pre-filled based on your geo location. To change the country, begin typing its name and select the desired one from the suggested list
  • Mobile phone: inCytes pre-fills the country code based on the patient's geographic location. You can accept the recommendation or select another country code in the dropdown list  

Some countries have the same codes (USA and Canada +1; Russia and Kazakhstan +7, etc.). In such cases, one of the countries is prioritized by the system and the flag of this particular country is shown (USA is prioritized over Canada, Russia over Kazakhstan).

2. Click NEXT


(optional). This step will display only if your clinician switched on 2-factor authentication for your account to protect your data. If so,  

1. After clicking NEXT in the previous step, a verification code will be sent to your mobile phone

2. Enter the verification code in the corresponding field and press SUBMIT

3. If you didn’t receive the verification code, click RESEND VERIFICATION CODE  

After enabling 2-factor authentication, you will not need to enter the verification code again since the system remembers your device.



You  won't be able to use the platform without signing both documents.

1. Read and accept (check the boxes) the License Agreement, as well as the Informed Consent to use the application and comply with the Data Protection regulations.

2. Click GET STARTED and you will immediately be taken to the homepage of your personal patient portal, where you may view the dashboard containing important alerts.

If your clinician just added you to the system but hasn’t created the case yet, you’ll see only the link with the Consent signed on your dashboard. After the case is created, you will begin receiving notifications regarding surveys that are due/overdue, as well as your results. Notifications on due/overdue surveys will also be sent to your email. You can check your patient portal for new surveys at any time.


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For any questions, please consult your healthcare provider or contact inCytes support.