SMS Patient Communications

inCytes™ now offers the ability to communicate with patients via SMS. This article will cover (1) how SMS messaging works, (2) rates and applicable local fees and (3) if desired, how to enable this setting for your Circles.
  1. SMS: How it Works
  2. Pricing and Applicable Rates
  3. Enabling SMS

SMS: How it Works

SMS notifications, once enabled, will automatically send SMS messages to remind patients to enroll or complete surveys. Those messages contain brief, customized messages and include a hyperlink to Benchmarc™, where the patient will still need to enter their email and password to login. SMS notifications use the provided patient phone number, entered during Case creation, patient enrollment, or at any time by updating the patient record within the patient list. SMS messages can go out in addition to, or in the place of, inCytes™ standard patient emails.

SMS Patient Communications 1

Pricing and Applicable Rates

The inCytes™ SMS service is supported by AWS and made available to nearly 200 countries. Please review the pricing table to check which of the below listed tiers your country falls within:

  RegenMed RegenMed Europe
Tier 1 0.02 0.02
Tier 2 0.05 0.05
Tier 3 0.15 0.14
Tier 4 0.30 0.27

Circle funders are responsible for covering the costs of SMS messages sent to cases created within their Circle(s), and must be signed up via Stripe for monthly payments.

Enabling SMS

SMS messaging must be enabled by your Account Manager. Please contact them to:
(1) Register via Stripe with your preferred payment details, where you will be for debited monthly based on prior month's usage
(2) Compose your desired messaging within the required character limits
(3) Enable SMS within your Circle

SMS will begin working immediately, for both past cases and newly created cases, so long as a mobile phone number has been provided.

SMS Patient Communications 2

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

1. Can I enable SMS for some patients, but not others?

Enabling SMS will automatically apply to all Cases and patients, and cannot be tailored to individual Patients or Cases. However, if a mobile number is not provided for a given Patient or Case, and the SMS feature is turned on, no SMS messages will be sent nor deducted from your credit.