What Is The Difference Between Case Creation Date And Case Commencement Date?

Case Creation Date - the date when the case was added to inCytes. It’s indicated automatically and can’t be changed. You can see it on the Case Detail page. 


Case Commencement Date - the date which defines the actual scheduling for your pre-treatment surveys. You can leave it unchanged or define some future date if you want a delayed “start” for the case. This feature can be useful when you need some time between adding the case to inCytes and the real case commencement. 

Commencement date affects sending: 

  • patient enrollment email  
  • pre-treatment survey/s 

If the Case Commencement date=0 days in your protocol settings, case commencement is the same as the case creation date. 


So, the Registration email will be sent to the patient when today is the Commencement day, not earlier. All the pre-treatment surveys also start “going” to the patient based on the Case Commencement date. 

Learn how to adjust case scheduling to your needs.