Configuring a Report

    Configuring a Report 

    If you would like to re-visit your existing report to edit it or need to configure a newly built report, follow the steps below: 

    1. Navigate to Reports and click on the required template in the list of saved reports. On the right, you’ll see a small preview of your graph.  

    Reports Overview

    Use Search to find the required report faster

    Find report


    2.  Press EDIT at the top right of the Reports Overview page to open the Report builder

    Edit Report


    3. To start configuring your graph, click Settings at the top right of the Report Builder. 

    Graph Settings button


    Here you have the following settings: 


    Report Builder Overview 


    Report Builder Overview


    On the left of the Report Builder page, you can find the following info: 

    • Report name 

    Report Name

    • Principle Investigator of the selected Circle 

    Principal Investigator

    • Circle Funder 

    Funder name in the Report

    • Two icons to switch between line and bar chart view 

    Graph View switcher


    On the right, you’ll find the Cohorts information. 

    Cohorts information to the right of graph