What Circle Role(s) to Select?

Circle roles' level of access and permissions

  • Funder - a user or non-user financially responsible for funding subscriptions and cases. 
  • Circle member - a user who accepts an invitation from a Circle administrator to participate in a Circle.
  • Team member - a healthcare professional who assists you with certain functions in your daily practice (such as case creation, patient enrollment, or Circle management). Team members are granted full access to your account and can't be assigned as funders or administrators of your Circle.
  • Circle administrator/Founder - the user responsible for the establishment of a Circle, including the Circle’s name, PHI settings, observational protocol, descriptions, and membership.
  • Service provider - a third-party role for inCytes™ Circles. This role is given to an individual that works outside of the clinic, such as a Laboratory. This role helps investigators by delegating such surveys to the Service Provider allowing them to complete characterization results, blood tests, etc. on behalf of the investigator.

    Circle FounderCircle AdminCircle MemberSubscriber's Team Member
       Create/archive Circle
       Email Circle Memberüüüü
       Add caseüüüü
       Edit Circle information:
    • background image
    • logo
    • address
    • phone
    • Circle description
    • Circle name
    • treatment / indication
    • set PI region
     ü ü

       Manage Circle members:

    • invite (funded and not funded users)
    • remove
    • make administrator
     ü ü

       Export full raw export


    when Subscriber=


       Edit Circle alias when has own protocol versionüüü

    Edit Circle alias for the Circle protocol version when Subscriber=


       Leave Circle  

    if there're no active cases


Circle administrator can re-assign the roles if required. Team members can't be assigned as funders or administrators of your Circle.


Check also our article on Service Provider roles and permissions and granting access to data for Service Providers.