inCytes Account Types

inCytes™ offers many different account types with specific roles, permissions and levels of access. This article will help explain the differences of each account type, enabling you to choose the right account(s) for the right role(s).

In this article you will learn about:

    inCytes Account Types


    This is the most common account type, granted to any new user who wishes to access inCytes™ and its full library of functionality. The most common Investigator is a physician.


    Investigator Capabilities:

      • Creating or joining Circles
      • Creating and managing Cases
      • Inviting and managing Team Members
      • Inputting Survey Data
      • Generating/Exporting Reports

    Investigator Limitations:

      • Investigators can only access, edit or review Cases and data created by them or their Team Members. They must join a Circle to see other Investigator’s data.

    Set Up an Investigator Account 


    Team Member 

    This account type is directly tied to a single Investigator, and can help perform many of the Investigator’s functions on their behalf. The most common Team Member is a physician’s assistant and/or office manager.


    Team Member Capabilities

      • Full Read/Write Access to their Investigator’s Account
      • Separate login/username

    Team Member Limitations

      • Tethered to 1 Investigator
      • Acts as “shadow” to that Investigator, without proprietary Branding, Cases or Reports.

    How to Invite a Team Member 


    Service Provider

    Service Provider accounts enable third party individuals or groups to have specific access and roles for one or more Investigator accounts. The most common service providers are laboratories, call centers, or even principal investigators within multi-centric trials.


    Service Provider Capabilities

      • Configurable read or write access across one more Investigator accounts
      • Configurable PHI settings.

    Service Provider Limitations

      • Cannot create Cases
      • Cannot join Circles


    Circle Roles 

    Circle roles are applied to Investigators as they create or join a Circle. These roles include:

    • Circle Admin: Subject to configurable Circle settings, can uniquely aggregate all Circle data, edit the Circle, and invite or remove Circle members.
    • Circle Member: Can access and contribute their Case data to the Circle. Subject to configurable Circle settings, can have none, limited or full access to aggregated Circle data.
    • Funder: Applies the Investigator’s Payment Information to the overall Circle, helping to fund any Subscriptions or Case within.
    • Circle Founder: Vanity role, pairing the Investigator’s name with any public listing of the Circle.