Why is My Patient Not Receiving the Email?

If a patient hasn't received the email, the first thing to try is resending it

If the problem persists, there are several potential causes as to why an email may not have successfully delivered to the patient (marked as bounced by the system). To troubleshoot, please review the following issues and proposed solutions:



Mistake in setting commencement date (the survey due date hasn't come yet)

Correct the commencement date within the case. 

Also review How to Schedule a Notification Within a Patient’s Time Zone 

Misspelled patient’s email 

Typo in a patient’s email could be fixed by editing a Case or the Patient Contact Information. After saving your respective edits, a new email will automatically be sent without a necessity to manually resend an invitation email. 

Email landed in Promotions or Spam/Junk folder 

Advise your patients to check their Spam/Junk or Promotions folders to find the enrollment email from Benchmarc (notifications@incytes.com). 

Learn how to Whitelist the inCytes™ email address, so that the email will not land in the wrong folder. 


When your patient's email is marked as bounced, we stop sending any reminders to them. In this case, the patient will get the survey reminder either via SMS if you have this option on or as a push reminder if your patient installed our mobile app and stays logged in in it. 

Contact your account manager to learn more about SMS Patient Communication.