Reminding Patients to Complete Surveys

There are two ways to send survey reminders in efforts to improve patient compliance:

1. Automatically, according to the preset survey scheduling. This method allows reminders to be sent through:

  • Email - by default, reminders are sent to all patients who have provided their email address.
  • SMS - for patients who prefer phone communications or do not have an active email account.
  • Push Notifications - patients who have installed the Benchmarc mobile app will receive reminders through push notifications.

2. Manuallyout of preset scheduling

If the patient has installed the Benchmarc app, has the SMS option turned on, and has provided all their contact information in their profile, they will receive all reminders - email, SMS, and push - at the same time.

Please contact your Account Manager to turn on SMS alerts, or to set up due dates for survey reminders.